Who Needs Licensed Professional Counseling? (Part 1)


In a world filled with excess noise, constant stimulation, social media, packed schedules, overwhelming responsibilities and just plain old stress, taking time to process and pay attention to our internal worlds has never been more important.

It is easy to allow intense human emotions such as guilt, anxiety, panic, shame, fear, anger, etc. to sit within us and remain unacknowledged and unaddressed. Nothing is worse for our mental health...and our physical health too, since both are closely tied (check out this study on the relationship between our mental and physical health for more info). These days, our culture places a high value on our physical well-being: eating well, exercising often, getting enough rest, avoiding certain foods, and on and on. Since we are both mind and body, doesn’t it make sense to care for our mental well-being just as passionately as our physical well-being?

Here is where seeking out licensed professional counseling with a licensed therapist can be an instrumental tool to improve your sense of fulfillment and empowerment. The counseling process can be challenging because it presents you with the opportunity to address things that might be easier to keep swept under the rug, right where they are. Counseling offers the chance to face the ways of thinking and behaving that keep us stuck in unhealthy habits and patterns that make life difficult. This can be frightening, but when we are willing to be uncomfortable, that’s right where real, lasting change and peace can begin to grow. It’s all in your hands to decide whether you want to start on this adventure. You are the single-most powerful agent of change in your life!

If you are hesitant about starting the process of seeing a licensed professional counselor (a therapist), stay tuned for part 2 of this series, where we will address some common myths about the counseling process and hopefully encourage you to take the brave step of flexing those mental health muscles within the therapeutic setting.

If you are ready to take the first step and meet with a counselor, Birth Choice can help. Click here or call us at 214-631-2402 for more information, and a Birth Choice staff member will help you begin the process confidentially. 

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Thursday, 04 March 2021