The Three Options of an Unplanned Pregnancy


Finding out you are pregnant unexpectedly can be overwhelming. It can be hard enough to process the news, let alone make a decision about how to move forward. First of all, know that it's important to give yourself time. Finding out you are pregnant is big news, and you want to make sure you give yourself the time and grace you need to process that news before you make a decision. 

That's where Birth Choice comes in. When you make an appointment, we talk with you about your circumstances and how you are feeling, and we walk you through every option to make sure you have all of the information you need. We'll talk with you about the 3 basic options you have with an unplanned pregnancy:



The first option (and sometimes the scariest option) is parenting. You may be facing a situation that makes parenting seem impossible for you, but thankfully, there are so many programs and resources available that can help. At Birth Choice, we can talk with you about your specific situation and see what sorts of things would be most helpful to you. We also offer an education program to help you feel as prepared as possible to parent, and we have a Baby Boutique at our clinic to help get you started on all of the material necessities. 



Perhaps you are still in school, or perhaps you don't have a good relationship with the father of the baby. Or maybe you don't feel financially stable. Or you may have other children at home and feel too busy to have another. Whatever your situation may be, if you are considering abortion, you will want to gather all of the information you can about the different types of procedures, the risks, and the side-effects. Our client advocates and nurses can sit down with you to discuss abortion and answer any questions you may have.



For some people, adoption is the best option. In this case, you carry the baby to term, but the baby is raised by another family. There are open and closed adoptions, all depending on what you are comfortable with. At Birth Choice, we can talk with you about what adoption looks like practically, and we can help to set you up with an agency that will take care of you every step of the way and at no cost to you.


Abortion, adoption, and parenting - the 3 options of an unplanned pregnancy. Every option takes a lot of thought, but know that you are not in this alone. Birth Choice is here for you. We want to hear about you situation and see how we can help you. It is important not to rush your decision, but to give yourself time. Schedule an appointment at Birth Choice today.

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