The Third Trimester


It’s time to take a look at the third trimester -- the final weeks of your pregnancy. If there is one thing we know, it is that every pregnancy is different. For some women, the third trimester is mostly about increased fatigue, using the bathroom constantly, and just wanting the baby to arrive already! For others, the third trimester is just more morning sickness. Regardless of how easy or challenging your pregnancy has been so far, you will most likely discover new aches and discomforts in these last few months, as your belly gets bigger and bigger and your organs experience more pressure from the weight of your growing baby.

While these last few months can often feel like the longest stretch, there are some incredible things happening with your baby and your body as it prepares to give birth and welcome a new life into the world.

Baby's Development

By the beginning of this trimester, your baby’s hearing is fully developed. This is a great time to start reading, playing music, or simply talking to your baby if you haven’t already! Throughout the third trimester, your baby is gaining lots of weight, and brain and lung development rapidly continues. Around 28 weeks, your baby’s eyes are opening and closing. And remember lanugo, that coat of hair that grew in the second trimester? Your baby starts to shed that hair around this time. By week 30, baby’s eyelashes and eyebrows are grown, and baby may also be growing a thick head of hair. During weeks 33-36, your baby is hopefully starting to position itself head-down in preparation for birth. Just after this, starting at 38 weeks, your baby is full-term. Pack that hospital bag and get ready to answer “any day now” when people ask you when you’re due!

Tip: Consider taking a childbirth class early in the third trimester to help prepare yourself for the big day. Most hospitals offer a class, and Birth Choice will be offering a FREE childbirth class in June. Stay tuned for details!

Baby's Size

27 weeks - Cauliflower

30 weeks - Cabbage

33 weeks - Pineapple

36 weeks - Bunch of Kale

38 weeks - Honeydew Melon

40+ weeks - Watermelon

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