The Second Trimester


A few months ago, we shared a post all about the first trimester -- what's happening with your body and what's happening with your baby. Now, let's take a look at the second trimester!

For many women, the second trimester is much better than the first. They often feel like they have their energy back, and sometimes those frustrating food aversions and sensitivity to smells completely disappear -- or at least aren't as strong. Many women's bellies start showing during the second trimester, and usually around 20 weeks, you can find out the gender of the baby! Even with these positive changes, though, you may be experiencing new discomforts, particularly pain in your lower back, heartburn, skin changes, and urinary frequency. While it may not be total bliss, you're hopefully feeling better than you were earlier in pregnancy. So what's really going on during weeks 13-27?

Baby's Development

Muscle tissue, skin, and bone begin forming around 16 weeks. Baby is also starting to learn how to suck, preparing him for nursing or bottle-feeding once born. Around 18 weeks, your baby may start hearing and her digestive system has started working. By 20 weeks, eyelashes, eyebrows, fingernails, and toenails have formed. Your baby also forms a protective coating that covers the whole body, called the vernix caseosa, and a fine hair to hold the vernix caseosa to the skin, called lanugo. Around 24 weeks, your baby has unique fingerprints and footprints. Hair is growing on the head, and the lungs are formed. A boy? His testicles move from abdomen to scrotum. A girl? Her uterus and ovaries are formed -- along with her eggs! By week 25, baby may start responding to your voice with movements. Kicking usually gets much stronger in general, so get ready to keep your hands on your belly to feel baby move!

Baby's Size

14 weeks - Peach

16 weeks - Avocado

20 weeks - Banana

22 weeks - Coconut

24 weeks - Cantaloupe

26 weeks - Acorn Squash

Not sure how far along you are? Call Birth Choice at 214-631-2402 to learn how we can help, even during this crazy time. We are still here to help you.

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