I'm Pregnant...Now What?!

I'm Pregnant...Now What?!

You saw the double lines appear on your pregnancy test and now you’re unsure what to do...or think...or who to turn to. 

First, take a deep breath. Your feelings are so normal and they are filled with wisdom to lead you to what you need. Maybe you’re feeling: 

1. TERROR that you aren’t ready for this life change

2. FEAR that your situation may not be met with the support you need

3. ALONE in this foreign situation 

4. __[insert emotion here]___ ...your emotions are particular to are one of a kind after all.

Whatever it is that you’re experiencing, slow down and take ten minutes to sit and breathe. Take the time to feel your feelings and acknowledge them with gentleness and compassion. A quick shout out: the HEADSPACE app is perfect for this! 

It's often difficult to slow down and process when you’re in the midst of so much uncertainty, but remember, our best decisions are made when we have taken the time to think things through. Consider this quote from Victor Frankl: “between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”. TranslationBreathe before reacting. Then, respond from a place of clarity, and you will open to freedom.

Next Steps 

Ok, you’ve listened to your emotions. You’ve breathed. Now what? 

As an immediate next step, call Birth Choice at 214-631-2402 or schedule an appointment online to verify your pregnancy with our medical grade pregnancy tests. This way, our medically accredited clinic can provide you with your proof of pregnancy, which you will need for Medicaid, Chip and/or your OBGYN.   

Finding a solid, reliable support system is so important. Whether it be your parents, your FOB (father of the baby), your best friend or your church, find those people who will be there for you as a safe haven. Birth Choice is one of those places. There is a community of compassionate, strong people here to help you every step of the way, including talking about your options. 

Be gentle and patient with yourself. This experience, whether you are a first-time mom or have four children already, is a unique one - and one that is deserving of your thought, care and attention.

If you need help sorting through your options, contact a staff member at Birth Choice to schedule an appointment here or call 214-631-2402. We're here for you.

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Thursday, 04 March 2021