How to Tell Your Parents that You're Pregnant


You found out you're unexpectedly pregnant, and you are feeling overwhelmed. Telling your parents may be one of the last things you want to do. But it is an important step. 

There is no "formula" for how to have this conversation. It all depends on your relationship with your parents. If you have a great relationship with them, telling them that you're pregnant may actually be a relief to you. Maybe you know that they will be supportive and do whatever they can to help.

If your relationship with your parents is strained, this conversation may be more intimidating. First of all, know that that's okay. This is a big conversation, and you're likely still trying to process the news yourself. Sharing it with anyone is tough. 

If you are feeling really nervous and stressed about telling your parents, schedule an appointment with Birth Choice to talk with one of our trained client advocates. We can help you figure out the best way to start the conversation, all based off of your needs and your circumstances.

Scheduling an appointment with Birth Choice also gives you the chance to confirm your pregnancy with a free medical-grade pregnancy test. And because we will talk with you about all of your options, you can go into the conversation ready with information and thoughts about your next steps

Until then, here are a few quick, simple things for you to consider as you think about telling your parents:

1. Find the right place to talk. Make sure you are in a comfortable setting with a lot of privacy. Choose a spot where you won't have a lot of distractions and where you can share your news without worrying about what's happening around you.

2. Make sure you and your parents have plenty of time. A conversation like this may take a while, and you don't want to feel rushed as you work through things with your parents. 

3. Have a game plan, but be open-minded. Go into the conversation with a general game plan about how you'd like to tell them. You'll feel more confident if you have some good information to share with them as well. But we also recommend that you stay open-minded. You never know how your parents will respond, so be willing to adjust your steps if needed. 

Remember that Birth Choice is here to help you navigate difficult conversations like this one. Schedule your free appointment online or by calling 214-631-2402.

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