How Can Birth Choice Help the Father of the Baby?


Many times when a woman finds herself unexpectedly pregnant, the father of the baby can feel afraid and isolated. So many questions may be running through the father's head: What is my role? What is my responsibility? How can I support her? Am I ready to be a father?

If you are the father of a baby in an unexpected pregnancy, we want to remind you that you are not alone in this situation. 

We offer many free services for the mother of the baby at Birth Choice. But we also offer support for the father of the baby. At Birth Choice, we are here for both of you. 

An unplanned pregnancy can be intimidating, overwhelming, and scary - for both the mother and the father. When scheduling an appointment with Birth Choice, we always encourage the father of the baby to come with the mother. We have trained male counselors on staff that can meet with the father one-on-one, hear his thoughts, and talk about the three options of the pregnancy: adoption, parenting, and abortion. In unplanned pregnancies, it's sometimes difficult to communicate with one another, because there are so many emotions at play. Having the chance to talk through your feelings and reactions separately can create the confidence you need to come back to your partner and communicate more openly, honestly, and effectively. It's so important for the two of you to be on the same page as you consider your options and how to move forward. We can help you do just that.

If you are the father of the baby, here are some other ways Birth Choice can help you:


1. Ongoing professional counseling

Especially if your relationship is struggling since learning about the unplanned pregnancy, Birth Choice can provide consistent counseling with licensed professional counselors. Counseling is a great way to work on resolving big issues and making the relationship as healthy as possible. This is especially important if you two are planning to parent together.

2. Earn While You Learn Program

You are more than welcome to join us for our education classes! Most of the topics we teach would be great opportunities for you to learn more about pregnancy and parenting and how you can support your partner. You also receive 20 Baby Bucks each time you come!

3. Resources

We have many resources specifically for you. Wherever you might need additional support, we can help you. 


If you are the expectant mother and want to schedule an appointment for a free pregnancy test and ultrasound at Birth Choice, please encourage the father of the baby to join you. If you are the expectant father, please come with your partner so that we can offer you the support you need. You have a voice, too. 

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Thursday, 04 March 2021