Eating for Two


Being pregnant and "eating for two" can be a great excuse to eat a second helping of french fries or a second piece of birthday cake! While we are all for indulging your cravings here and there, it's also important to keep in mind that you are the only provider of nutrients to your baby. Your baby's nutrition plays an important role in his/her development. The more you take care of yourself during pregnancy, the healthier you baby will be! Be mindful of the types of foods you are eating, how much you are eating, and how often you are eating.

What types of foods should I eat more of?

It's good to eat a wide variety of foods so that you and your baby are getting different kinds of nutrients. Make sure to eat plenty of foods rich in protein, folic acid, iron, and calcium. Fully-cooked meat and fish, yogurt, eggs, vegetables, fruit, breads, cereals - these are all great foods to help you and your baby get the nutrition you need for a healthy pregnancy. View more suggestions here

Tip: If you like to snack, nuts make for a great protein-rich snack!

Don't forget that there are some foods that are unsafe to eat during pregnancy, like soft cheeses, under-cooked meat, unpasteurized milk, and raw fish/fish high in mercury. For a full list of foods to stay away from, check out this article

How often and how much should I eat?

There are no real "rules" for how often you should eat while pregnant. What's more important is that you are taking in the extra calories your body needs, which is usually 300 additional calories in your second and third trimesters. Many pregnant women find that eating smaller meals more frequently is most helpful, especially if you experience morning sickness. And later in pregnancy, as the baby grows, you may get full quicker.

Tip: If you have questions about how much you should be eating during pregnancy, talk to you doctor. Different bodies need different foods, so it's a great question to ask your doctor! 

Keeping track of what you should and can't eat when pregnant can be confusing, but remember that you're not alone. Birth Choice offers a class all about pregnancy nutrition, and we would be happy to talk about it with you in more detail. Call us at 214-631-2402 to enroll in our Earn While You Learn Program.

Not sure if you're pregnant? Schedule an appointment  for your free pregnancy test today, either online or by calling us at 214-631-2402. We look forward to serving you!

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